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 In order to prevent the theft of your private key by hackers, you must perform the following simple rules:

  • comply with the rules of access to the computer to the USB-token and other repositories of the secret keys of TSA (with key carriers and computers should only trusted clients who are not allowed to use the system of electronic banking in public places equipped with WiFi free connection);
  • connect a USB-token, or other removable media with the secret signing key only for the duration of the work in the electronic banking system, after the shutdown immediately turn off the computer;
  • never open e-banking website for links (especially Banner or received through the mail), because there are many ways to falsify the address (the authenticity of the Bank's website - confirmed by the international certification authority Thawte Consulting cc);
  • Do not respond to suspicious emails or phone calls requesting information login, password and other confidential information, bank employees never and under no circumstances will ask you username and password e-banking system;
  • use the system and application software, received from a trusted source, and regularly update the specified software;;
  • use and regularly update a specialized software for information protection - anti-virus software, protection against unauthorized access, personal firewalls, etc.;
  • comply with the information security rules when using the Internet - not to visit suspicious sites, install programs from untrusted sources Do not open files from unknown senders, etc.;
  • immediately notify the Bank of emergency situations and suspicion of violation of workplace safety (infection of computer viruses, unauthorized access to the workplace).

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