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Bank of Russia registered five issues of uncertificated registered ordinary shares of JSCB "INKAROBANK"

The first issue - August 4, 1994
The second issue - September 27, 1994
The third issue - July 4, 1995
The fourth issue - September 29, 1997
Fifth Issue - April 8, 2002

Information on the amount of the charter capital of a credit institution:
The charter capital of the Bank "INKAROBANK" is formed in the amount of 22 002 200.00 (Twenty-two million two thousand two hundred) rubles and has been divided into 220 022 (Two hundred and twenty thousand and twenty-two) ordinary registered uncertified shares, at nominal value of 100 (Hundred) rubles each.

Total issued and placed 220,022 ordinary registered uncertified shares of JSCB "INKAROBANK".

The shares were assigned individual state registration number: 10402696B.


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