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JSCB "INKAROBANK" implements long-term development strategy, aimed at active promotion of retail banking, strengthening of corporate business, and achievement of a leading position in the segments of retail, small and medium russian businesses, using newest banking technologies. One of the main tasks of banking business development for the near future is to achieve leading position in retail banking.

The main activity of JSCB "INKAROBANK" is lending to small and medium businesses, and retail banking. High degree of financial stability, comfortable cooperation terms, operative and quality services, makes it highly attractive credit institution and competent partner in financing.

Today, it can be proudly said, that 20 years of JSCB "INKAROBANK" development, we have been able not only to confirm reliable partner status, but continue advancing, only constantly envolving makes bank stay in avangard of mordern life.

Details of the interest rates on bank deposit agreements with individuals банковского вклада с физическими лицами in accordance with the CBR N3194-У 27 febrary 2014.

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