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Products and Services

You have achieved success and strive not only to maintain your welfare, but to increase it. You demanding service quality and expect from your chosen bank's high efficiency in financial management.

We offer you a private service for VIP-clients, providing personalized financial services to wealthy clients and their families.

Private service VIP-clients - it's unlimited wealth management capabilities, the highest standards of financial service, individual approach, strict confidentiality and special conditions for many types of banking services.

We are ready to provide you and your family members a number of exclusive features, as well as services and privileges, the list of which can be replenished in accordance with your wishes.

Our success is measured by your well-being. Therefore, we will provide you with maximum assistance in achieving your goals.

Financial planning and consulting

We strive to make the range of services provided to our clients, not only fully in line with your current needs, but also to a large extent responsible tomorrow.
We are ready to provide consulting support to you and your business in the following areas:
  • Currency legislation;
  • taxes, tax declaration;
  • preservation and transfer of capital.

Unallocated bullion accounts

Precious metals for centuries have retained their power of attraction as a symbol of wealth, timeless. They have always been a popular investment asset respectable depositors around the world.
Intermittent fall of the dollar, results in transfer of capital into "commodities" and draws on the precious metal prices.

The Bank performs the following operations with precious metals:

Investing in precious metals

Memorable and investment coins made of precious metals

Commemorative coins are minted with quality "proof" (highest) and are more suitable for collecting purposes. Subject to VAT.
Investment coins are traded on the territory of the Russian Federation as a legal tender. VAT exempt.
At the request of our customers, we can provide services for the selection of commemorative coins made of precious metals.

The Bank performs the following operations:
Transactions with commemorative gold and silver coins of the Bank of Russia

Trust asset management

As the world around us changes, financial management becomes more complex process. Today, successful investment decisions in the first place depends on the speed of information and the ability to instantly react to the movement of financial markets. That is why you need a reliable partner with unique experience and understanding of the limitless possibilities of your personal financial goals to manage your funds effectively.

As our customer, you will have access to the rich resources of the Russian financial market, previously available only to professionals. The accuracy and speed of financial transactions will be provided with all the Bank's operating resources.

We offer various options for asset allocation based on your investment objectives and the desired yield. any investment instruments may be involved in your portfolio - from the most conservative to the most new and dynamic.

Loans and financing

Private VIP-clients are able to obtain credit on the individual circumstances, taking into account their personal financial needs.

In addition to providing the standard credit products - such as car loans and mortgage loans, the Bank is ready to participate in financing and crediting the Client's business operations of private.

All the formal procedures will be simplified as possible for you for obtaining a loan, and the decision on a loan will be made in the shortest possible time.

Personal banker will provide you with full information on the conditions of loans and credit schemes.

Bank cards

Bank card - a perfect instrument of cashless payments. Placing money on credit cards do not have to declare and confirm the reference when traveling abroad. Using plastic card, you will be able to make any purchases, paying for them in any host country, regardless of the currency of the account, and without resorting to the services of currency exchange offices.

For our customers, we have provided the possibility of rapid release of the prestigious bank cards.

MasterCard Gold

In case of card loss the opportunity to obtain extra cash in any country or replacement card within 48 hours.

As our customer, you will be able to set for yourself and your family credit limits, the terms of which you can have a preliminary discussion with your personal banker.

We will monitor the safety of your card transactions in a timely manner to fill up the remains and notify you of the transaction.

As you have any questions, please call +7 (495) 777-09-70

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