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Technical support for Bank-Online clients:

(499) 649-06-30 (from с 9-30 to 18-00)

Bank-Online system - remote banking service ("Client-Bank", "Internet-Banking") is intended for exchanging payment documents, messages in the form of electronic documents, checks on the authenticity of electronic documents, as well as to provide Bank customers with information about the transactions on the current account of the Client and the transfering a variety of information through the Internet from different devices and operating systems. 

Before working with the Bank-Online system, check the availability and efficiency of anti-virus software, as well as the relevance of the anti-virus databases.

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The main functional blocks of Remote Customer Service System are:

Internet-Banking - management of bank accounts and cards through the Internet and Web-browser online. Supports all types of financial documents. Works in all Web-browsers and on all platforms. No need to install special software client. Contains mechanisms of encryption and digital signature support collective work, interact with accounting software.

The technology of Internet-Banking is comfortable and ease to use. The client does not need to install any software, just any standard Internet browser. Internet-Banking can work from any computer anywhere in the world. All you need is to a key carrier. Important information is not stored on the client computer, all information is stored on the bank's server, so you can use this technology even in Internet cafes and do not care about the safety of sensitive and confidential information

Remote customer service system can work with both by individuals and legal persons. In addition, the realized import of payment documents from a variety of automated systems of accounting.

Data protection is performed using cryptographic certified by Russian Federal Security Service, which implies a high degree of protection against leaks of confidential information and forgery. The Bank has the Russian Federal Security Service license for distribution, maintenance of cryptographic tools, as well as the provision of information in the field of protection services.

To change the numbers for SMS notification system, please contact us via remote banking scanned copy of the statement, signed and stamped.

e-mail for contacts and statements (24-hour): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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