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Working on the Russian market since 1994 and diversifying their activities, JSCB "INKAROBANK" (CJSC) is constantly expanding its range of operations in the Russian market and offers its customers a wide range of services accepted in international banking practice:

  • opening and maintenance of accounts (in rubles or foreign currency), including urgent;
  • depositing and withdrawals of cash;
  • payments in Russia or abroad, with the possibility of execution during the current operational day;
  • cash collection;
  • remote management of your account in system Client-Bank;
  • management of ruble and foreign currency resources;
  • expertise of authenticity and payment currency, payment documents;
  • provision of financial, consulting and other services.


Bank establishes the following duration of the operational day (time), during which, bank operations and other transactions with the Bank's clients are made with calendar date corresponding operational day:

  • intra-bank transfers in Russian rubles:
    • from 9.30 to 17-00 (Moscow time) in sistem "Client-Bank"
    • from 9.30 to 16-00 (Moscow time) on paper


  • payments through correspondent accounts of the Bank in Russian rubles:
    • from 9.30 to 15-00 (Moscow time) in sistem "Client-Bank"
    • from 9.30 to 14-30 (Moscow time) on paper


  • orders for purchase / sale of foreign currency and conversion operations:
    • US dollars - from 9.30 to 14.00 (Moscow time)
    • EUR - from 9:30 to 13:00 (Moscow time)
    • in currencies other than the US dollar and the euro - from 9.30 to 11.00 (Moscow time)


  • intra-bank transfers in foreign currency:
    • from 9:30 to 16:00 (Moscow time)


  • transfers through correspondent bank accounts:
    • US dollars - from 9.30 to 14.00 (Moscow time)
    • EUR - from 9:30 to 13:00 (Moscow time)
    • transfers in a currency other than the US dollar and the euro - from 9.30 to 11.00 Moscow time (with the value date of the next business day).


Reception of documents from clients after the operating time:

  • in the national currency with payment no later than the next working day after receiving the documents:
    • till 17.45 Moscow time (Monday - Thursday)
    • till 16.45 Moscow time (Friday)
  • in foreign currency to pay the next day after receiving the documents
    • till 17.00 Moscow time (Monday - Thursday)
    • till 16.30 Moscow time (Friday).

In the case of public holidays in the country's of banks - correspondents, Value date of payment is automatically shifted to the first bank business day.


You will never get lost in a faceless mass of customers

  • The employees of our bank will know you in person and find an individual approach to even the most demanding customers.
  • We will provide you with enhanced privacy of the transactions.
  • We will notify accounts status, recall the needed payments.

We care

  • Qualified staff will advise you on all questions of calculations and cash transactions.
  • We will help You choosing optimum conditions and timing of the necessary calculations.

You will save time and money and you will be offered:

  • the highest speed of implementation of payments;
  • minimum service time and waiting;
  • low tariffs for all the components of cash management services.

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