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JSCB "INKAROBANK" (CJSC) offers wide range of loans in rubles and foreign currency as for corporate clients, so for individuals on favourable terms.

Types of loans:

  • loans;
  • working capital loans;
  • ovedraft.


Bank is interested in cooperation with reliable partners, so the mandatory terms and conditions of the loan are:

  • strong financial position;
  • successful production and economic activity experience;
  • stable cash flows in the current accounts.

Bank favors borrowers, focused on long-term development of the business with JSCB "INKAROBANK" (CJSC).

Documents for the loan:

Types of collateral:

As collateral on loans used:

  • mortgage;
  • pledge of material assets;
  • promissory notes Bank "INKAROBANK" (CJSC);
  • guarantee of a stable working banks;
  • surety managers and business owners;
  • others.

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