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JSCB "INKAROBANK" (CJSC) - is member of the Russian Deposit insurance system.

December 30, 2014 the amendments to the Federal Law "On insurance of individual deposits in Russian banks," according to which the maximum amount of insurance compensation on deposits increased from 700 thousand to 1 million 400 thousand rubles. These requirements establish a full covering the deposit, that amount not exceeding 1 million. 400 thousand rubles. New parameters of the deposit insurance systems are used in banks, insurance in case of occurred after December 29, 2014. If the insured event occurred in several banks in which the depositor has deposits, the amount of insurance indemnity is calculated for each bank individually, but not more than 1 mln. 400 thousand rubles to each of the banks. Compensation is paid in Russian rubles. Foreign currency deposits are translated at the exchange rate ruling at the date of the insured event.


What is the Deposit insurance system?

Deposit Insurance System (DIS) - a special state program implemented in accordance with the Federal Law № 177-FZ of 23.12.2003 "On insurance of individual deposits in Russian banks." Its main task is the protection of people's savings placed in Russian banks. It allows depositors for withdrawal of the license (the insured event) to receive insurance compensation. The mechanism of deposit insurance as simple as possible and does not require the depositor any preliminary actions: deposits and accounts (hereinafter contributions) individuals automatically insured from the date of the bank's entry into the CERs

Deposit Insurance Agency.


State Corporation "Deposit Insurance Agency" (DIA) - a non-profit organization created by the state to protect the interests of depositors and ensuring the work of the deposit insurance system. DIA operates on the basis of the Federal Law № 177-FZ of 23.12.2003 "On insurance of individual deposits in Russian banks." It DIA shall pay to individuals for deposit compensation.
Address: VerhnyTagansky tupik 4, Moscow, 109240. Internet: Hot line phone (toll-free in Russia): 8-800-200-08-05


Which deposits are insured?


In accordance with the Federal Law of December 23, 2003 number 177- FZ "On insurance of individual deposits in the Russian Federation" (hereinafter - Federal law) are insured funds in rubles and foreign currency, placed by individuals or in their favor in bank of the Russian Federation on the basis of the contract of bank deposit or bank account agreement, including capitalized (deduction) interest on the amount of the deposit, including funds placed:

  • in deposits (demand and time);
  • bank accounts intended for salaries, pensions, stipends and social payments, including, if the operation of these accounts are made using bank cards;
  • in accounts (deposits) individual entrepreneurs, opened for business activities;
  • on the nominal accounts of guardians or trustees, the beneficiaries which are wards;
  • escrow accounts opened by individuals for the settlement of transactions with real estate, the period set by federal law (for insurance events occurring from April 2, 2015).

Not insured deposites:

  • lawyers, notaries and other persons, if these accounts (deposits) are open to further the professional activities of the federal law;
  • placed individuals in bank deposits payable to bearer, including those certified by a savings certificate and (or) savings book to bearer;
  • submitted by individuals to banks to asset management;
  • hosted deposits in outside the territory of the Russian Federation of branches of banks of the Russian Federation;
  • electronic cash;
  • placed on the nominal accounts, except for certain nominee accounts that are opened guardians or trustees and beneficiaries (beneficiaries) which are wards, mortgage accounts and escrow accounts, unless otherwise provided by federal law.


Amount of insurance compensation.

For the banks, in which the insured event occurred after December 29, 2014, the maximum amount of compensation for deposits of 1 million. 400 thousands rubles. Please note that when calculating the amount of insurance compensation amount counter bank's claims to the investor deducted from the total amount of deposits. For example, if the sum of the balances of deposits equal to 500 000 rubles, and credit card debt is 200 000 rubles, the payment of insurance compensation is based on the difference 500,000 - 200,000 = 300,000 (rub.): If the amount of deposits bank exceed the amount of insurance payments, the remainder of the deposit shall be repaid in the first place in the framework of liquidation proceedings in the bank. If the contribution is posted in a foreign currency, the amount of compensation on deposits is calculated in rubles at the rate set by the Bank of Russia on the day of the insured event.

Проценты по вкладу, которые в соответствии с договором должны быть начислены на дату наступления страхового случая, являются застрахованными.

Answers to many questions about the insurance cases, and payments can be found on the DIA website in the section "Questions and Answers".


Certificate of qualification of the Bank as a member of the deposit insurance system.

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